Here’s a place where I can put recent family pictures.  There is no other purpose here other than to keep pleasant pictures and pleasant thoughts in a place where I can find them.            Jim

Here’s a glamour shot of Haley posing.  About July 2015.

Haley and her mom Kristi with a silly balloon caption I stuck into the picture.  August  2015.

Two very cute gals: JoAnne and Haley. August 2015.

Dr. Phillip Patterson, Haley and Kristi Martin at Webb School

Pictures below were taken Thanksgiving 2015 at Embassy Suites





Lil Pete


Kristi and Jim

The dinner group.  From left: Haley, Abby, Kristi, Lil Pete, Melissa, Katy, Pete

June 21, 2016

  On 5 November 1995 friends and family attended Norman’s Baptism at St. Ann’s Episcopal Church with Rev. Lisa Hunt presiding. Yesterday Andy presented his godson and nephew Norman with a wonderful 21stbirthday gift.

  Attending yesterday with Norman were Jim, Jo Anne, Andy, and me. Presented to Norman from Andy was a Bordeaux (a wonderful 1990 Chateau Cos d'Estournel) purchased at Norman’s birth, the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, the original church bulletin from his Baptism and most importantly, a touching and wise letter.

  The wine was the best any of us had ever tasted and we were all touched when Norman read Andy’s beautiful letter.

                written by David Martin

August, 2015

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