My main interest at Yale was singing.  I was in several different groups: “The Bishop’s Devils” -- a group from Berkeley College which is one of the dozen residential “colleges” at Yale, the “Spizzwinks” -- a more advanced group, and the Yale Glee Club. I lucked out and had Marshall Bartholemew for his final year and then Fenno Heath who I was less fond of.

Yale Photos:  1952 - 1955

Above:  The Bishop’s Devils  1953. I recognize best friend Wally Pease 2nd from right in front row and Brad Hemingway 2nd from left, front row.

Above:  The Spizzwinks 1954. Ted our director front center, Johnny Evans 2nd from right in front, Ed Selig front right, me back left, Jim Downey center back, Wally Pease and Roger Englander.  Johnny Evans and I were  both soloists in the Yale Glee Club.  I’m at the left end of the top row.

Above:  Spizzwinks 1955. I hate it that I can’t remember all the names. Hank Putsch 3rd from right in front. And Wally and Roger.  I’m third from left in front row.

Above: Yale Glee Club in Barty’s last year -- 1954. Interesting group with George Bush’s uncle and Russ Reynolds. I am 4th from right, 3rd row.

In that Yale Glee Club Picture above:

This is just for me: I intend to add names as I think of them. Really bothers me that I can't remember all these names. Almost all of them were "best friend" category. Anyone who sees this picture and can fill in names for me please email me!

1st row from left:     ? ? Ted Sizer, Fenno Heath, Marshall Bartholomew,  Sam ? ? Dave Hunter ?

2nd row:   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Fred Pittman ? ?

3rd row:   ? ? Jim Ritchie ? ? Jim Martin, Dwight Bartholomew ? ?

4th row:   Bill Grow ? ? ? Russell Reynolds, Tony Noto ? Joe Siphron ????

5th row:   ? Johnny Evans ? ? Clay Westerman ? ? ?? ? ?

6th row:    ???? Jonathan Bush ??? Hank Putsch ??

Above:  Berkeley College group in about 1954. Tom Mendenhall was College Master -- he’s in center in white jacket.


June 6, 1955  graduation from Yale. We are in the courtyard of Berkeley College and I’m with Tom Mendenhall, the college master who later became the President of Smith College.  Tom and his wife were wonderful people who made our lives at Berkeley a delight. To the left of me and behind me is the backside of my father Harry Martin. I’m not sure what that thing is that Tom and I are handling but I assume that it’s some sort of thing that gets carried around at academic events.

In the photo above the white haired gentleman with a white handkerchief in his pocket in the first row center is Marshall Bartholomew. “Barty” was an incredible human being and was the collector of dozens of Appalachian folk songs and Negro Spirituals which were the most famous part of the Glee Club’s repertoire. 1953 was his last year as director and the next director was Fenno Heath who is the person to the left of Barty. Fenno was not my favorite guy but he gave me solos and I appreciated him for that. One of my solos was “Ach Gott vem Zoll Ich Klagen”. (I doubt if I spelled that right.)  I don’t speak German but I translated the words and hope that I conveyed the emotion of the piece.  If you will click on the sound bar below the photo you will hear me sing the German solo. (I just discovered that my web program will not let me put my sound bar here for Google Chrome users.)


                                                                                    Jim Martin

In the above photo I am in the 3rd row up from the bottom and am 4th from the right side of the picture. By the way, the fellow in the top row 5th from the left side of the photo is George W Bush’s uncle and directly below him is Russell Reynolds who founded the executive recruiting company.

Click on the tip of that little "start" arrow above and I'll start singing (I think - I wasn't sure on how to get the sound to work on this.)  My solo was recorded at our performance in Wigmore Hall in London in 1954.  An odd thing is that I had gotten laryngitis two days before this performance and I did not sing at all in this concert prior to my solo.  My voice came back and somehow it worked out.